My Christmas Tree Decorating on a Budget

My favorite time of year is approaching quickly! I decided this year our tree was going up early. I feel like every year by the time the tree goes up, it is already time to pack everything up and put into storage again. All the time it takes decorating our tree only to enjoying it for a month just doesn’t seem right! So first week of November and I have all of our holiday decor out and ready to go!

This year I caved and bought new ornaments & decorations. Including a new artificial tree. I threw out our old one last year. I had our old tree for 10+ years, let’s just say owning cats shortened it’s life span and it was definitely time for an upgrade.

Changing out your holiday decor can be expensive. I would rather spend less money on decorations and spend more money on my friends & families gifts. So I made sure to look for the best bargains and sale items to spiff up my Christmas game. Ideally I should have bought our artificial tree last year after December 25th. You can really save big on decorations and trees then. So if you think next year it may be time for an upgrade, watch for those sales, they will end up saving you the most money.

In total for our tree with decorations & ornaments I spent under $150! Here’s how I did it:

Artificial Christmas Tree

7 ft Unlit Elmwood Pine Artificial Tree sold by Walmart

This tree is more realistic looking then a lot of the basic Douglas Fir artificial Christmas trees. Easy to assemble and arrange the branches to your liking. Retails for $69


70 ct Pearl lights sold by Target

I love these lights so much. We actually put three different types of lights up and I just wasn’t feeling the led lights we originally had. The blueish light from the led lights didn’t mesh well with the gold decor. So I caved and bought two boxes of these lights and loved how it turned out. They give off a really warm and soft glow. I’ve bought this brand from target in the past and they lasted at least 5 years.


I was planning on just a gold decoration tree but my boyfriend said it didn’t feel like Christmas without red and green. I like love neutrals around the house and not a lot of color. So I decided I would compromise and go with more of a darker burgundy wine red. Love the accents the color contributed.

50 ct for $15 at

The ribbon I used was from Home Goods and I believe I paid $6. Ribbon really adds a lot to a tree and of course I had to get the most glitter and sparkly ribbon out there. I had it spun around the tree at first but felt like it just looked thrown on. So I did a more cascading down effect and just used twist ties to attach to random branches.

All the other random decor on the tree was all under $5 each. Purchased on sale at random shops online and in store. It can be time consuming searching for the right items to add to your tree but if you want to save money it’s worth it in the long run. A lot of the additional items were found at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Amazon and Big Lots.

(Pine cones, icicles, birds, deer ornaments, berries, tree toppers, branches, glitter stems, etc)

Make sure you comment below any great holiday decor deals you’ve found or are upcoming! Please share your Christmas Tree’s so I can lurk your pages and get ideas for next year. Happy decorating! xo


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I’m Erica! Welcome to my first blog! I'm nervous & so excited to start this blogger journey. I'm from Oregon and love everything beauty, lifestyle, health & fitness. I also live for saving money and finding the biggest bang for my buck. Growing up my family was extremely poor. Which I am now, thankful for in so many ways. It has taught me so many great lessons in life. After moving out of my parent's house I didn’t know how to budget my money. I wanted to spend, spend, SPEND! Maybe I was making up for all the things I longed for as a child and felt it was justified spending the money I truly didn’t have. Now, after many years of trial and error, I believe it is okay to splurge here & there and amazing if you can wait for that item you’ve been dreaming of to go on sale and stretch your hard earned dollar the best you can! I currently live with my boyfriend of 10+ years. We have two cats and no children. We love kids, just not for us right now. That being said, I know you moms out there have little to no personal time. It can take hours searching for the best deals out there! Plus every damn day we are bombarded with products that companies claim we can’t live without. We know we shouldn’t spend the money but our favorite feeds on IG and FB are shoving them down our throats it’s no wonder we finally give in a buy the damn thing. Only to find it’s not all it’s cut out to be when we receive it and that feeling of guilt sets in. Well, ladies and gents I have been there more than once! I’m a sucker for those products and have definitely wasted money on disappointing products. Considering I don’t have children, I do have the time to search for these deals & test out these products! My goal is to help you save money and get the best product for your dollar! Feel great about your decisions and live your BEST & HEALTHIEST life! PLEASE subscribe to my blog (which is absolutely free) & let us live our best lives together! Xo

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