My Christmas Tree Decorating on a Budget

My favorite time of year is approaching quickly! I decided this year our tree was going up early. I feel like every year by the time the tree goes up, it is already time to pack everything up and put into storage again. All the time it takes decorating our tree only to enjoying it for a month just doesn’t seem right! So first week of November and I have all of our holiday decor out and ready to go!

This year I caved and bought new ornaments & decorations. Including a new artificial tree. I threw out our old one last year. I had our old tree for 10+ years, let’s just say owning cats shortened it’s life span and it was definitely time for an upgrade.

Changing out your holiday decor can be expensive. I would rather spend less money on decorations and spend more money on my friends & families gifts. So I made sure to look for the best bargains and sale items to spiff up my Christmas game. Ideally I should have bought our artificial tree last year after December 25th. You can really save big on decorations and trees then. So if you think next year it may be time for an upgrade, watch for those sales, they will end up saving you the most money.

In total for our tree with decorations & ornaments I spent under $150! Here’s how I did it:

Artificial Christmas Tree

7 ft Unlit Elmwood Pine Artificial Tree sold by Walmart

This tree is more realistic looking then a lot of the basic Douglas Fir artificial Christmas trees. Easy to assemble and arrange the branches to your liking. Retails for $69


70 ct Pearl lights sold by Target

I love these lights so much. We actually put three different types of lights up and I just wasn’t feeling the led lights we originally had. The blueish light from the led lights didn’t mesh well with the gold decor. So I caved and bought two boxes of these lights and loved how it turned out. They give off a really warm and soft glow. I’ve bought this brand from target in the past and they lasted at least 5 years.


I was planning on just a gold decoration tree but my boyfriend said it didn’t feel like Christmas without red and green. I like love neutrals around the house and not a lot of color. So I decided I would compromise and go with more of a darker burgundy wine red. Love the accents the color contributed.

50 ct for $15 at

The ribbon I used was from Home Goods and I believe I paid $6. Ribbon really adds a lot to a tree and of course I had to get the most glitter and sparkly ribbon out there. I had it spun around the tree at first but felt like it just looked thrown on. So I did a more cascading down effect and just used twist ties to attach to random branches.

All the other random decor on the tree was all under $5 each. Purchased on sale at random shops online and in store. It can be time consuming searching for the right items to add to your tree but if you want to save money it’s worth it in the long run. A lot of the additional items were found at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Amazon and Big Lots.

(Pine cones, icicles, birds, deer ornaments, berries, tree toppers, branches, glitter stems, etc)

Make sure you comment below any great holiday decor deals you’ve found or are upcoming! Please share your Christmas Tree’s so I can lurk your pages and get ideas for next year. Happy decorating! xo


10 Amazon Products You Need In Your Life!



My top 10 Amazon picks for the month of October that you shouldn’t live without! Great gift ideas or simply for your own personal shopping fix!





Pinky Up Cat Mug $13.99

This mug is the purrrrrfect gift for any coffee/tea lover out there. I am always buying new coffee mugs. Mainly because I’m one of those people who drink coffee all day long. If you are searching for the perfect gift, snag one of these and fill with some candy & lip glosses for that BFF and you are all set!




Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack of 6  for $4.85

I can not live without facial/eyebrow razors. They are literally life changing. Perfect for eyebrow touch ups & shaping. Also works great facial shaving. These are super cheap and last a decent amount of time. Completely safe to use and painless. Once you start shaving your face you will never go back. Your face will feel smooth & soft, plus you exfoliate dead skin cells while doing it. Your foundation will also go on so much smoother! If you would like to watch a How To video on how I shave my face using these razors, click the link here! HOW I SHAVE MY FACE BY ERICAGAMBY





Home Brilliant Fall Decor Pillow Covers/Striped Corduroy Velvet $12.68

Time to spiff up your living room decor? Maybe even change your pillow covers for each season? I love these throw pillow covers! They are super inexpensive and come in so many colors. Perfect for any one who loves decorating on a budget. Save money buy switching out pillow covers rather that buying new throw pillows everytime you are in the mood for a change.




Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder $18.99

For any selfie lover out there this is for you! This will help you achieve the BEST selfies. Providing excellent light for you pictures with 3 different light modes & 10-level brightness. It has flexible arms and compatible with iPhone 8 7 6 Plus X 6s SE Android


Skinerals Padded Microfiber Applicator Self Tanning Mitt $8.95

I self tan minimum at least twice a week. I have went through 100’s of self tanning mitts. I would buy really cheap ones at Ulta or a drug store for about $5 each. They would last me about a month. Then they would start to develop holes in them and I would always have the sunless tanner leak onto my hand causing annoying and not-so-cute tan spots. This has been my ride-or-die sunless tanning mitt! It is super soft and has lasted my countless uses! Easy to wash and creates a streak free tan. Get one you will thank me later…


Reusable Silicone Straws BPA Free $12.91

Plastic Straws are so 2017. Soon enough plastic straws will be an item of the past. Or should I say our plant it will. More and more compies are doing away with plastic straws due to their lack to biodegrade. Each year we throw away about 500 million straws. That is insane in the brain. So I finally hopped on board with reusable silicone straws and these things are great! They are extra fat and great for smoothies, that I make on a daily basis. You can use these for hot & cold beverages. Added bonus, drinking from a straw helps prevent stains on your teeth. Happy planet and happy dentist! Plus, they come with straw brushes making them easy to clean.



SOCOO Gym Bottle $12.99

BY far my most favorite gym bottle yet. Easy to pack, doesn’t leak and has a wristlet. Love Fitness? The big water bottle is perfect for keeping you hydrated while workout traning, gym fitness, outdoor camping hiking running.



Waterpik $68.47

If there is one thing you end up splurging on it should be this product! This well be a be a total game changing to your daily hygiene routine. Yes, flossing with regular floss will get the job done… but, this makes your teeth feel next level clean! I used to think I was an excellent flosser until I started using the waterpik. Not to be gross, but so much more debris comes out when using this product. I know what you’re thinking, “that is so disgusting!” Honestly, I would much rather dispose of that extra debris then have it in between my teeth. It gets where string floss just cant reach for brighter teeth & healthier gums even cleaning below the gumline. Great for anyone suffering from periodontal issues. Plus it comes with multiple attachments such as: jet tips, plaque seeker tips, a pik pocket, an orthodontic tip, and a toothbrush tip. This is my number one “pik” out of all the products on this list.


Succulent Pots Planter Set of 3 for $19.99

I have been a little obsessed with succulents lately. I have to buy fake ones considering my cats love chewing on every live plant I’ve ever owned. These are 5.5″ and are ceramic white. I love the odd shape and so easy to just fill with some pebbles, stick a succulent inside and have the perfect pop of color on any shelve or tabletop.



Core Fitness USA Hip Bands for Booty Resistance Workout Bands $34.99

BURN AND TONE – Get a sculpted butt and well-toned hips. These wont slide or roll up and made with high quality so you wont have to worry about ripped or broken bands. Comes with a light, medium, & heavy band. Also comes with a little mesh bag for you to easily store your bands in, so you can just toss in a gym bag and go!


Happy Shopping!

Xo, Erica

Cheshire Cat Halloween Makeup



Halloween is one of my most favorite times of year. I love being able to become a character or pretending to be someone else for a day. I love all the decor, the pumpkin spice lattes, & the scary movies. This is my first Halloween look this year & there will definitely be more to follow! This one was so fun and fairly easy. The mouth was probably the most difficult only because you have to be super patient while doing it. Make sure you eat or drink before hand! You don’t want to risk messing up any of your hard work. This wig was amazing! I purchased it from amazon and it was so cheap! The quality for the price was so surprising. I have purchased many cheap wigs in the past and this one felt like it was an expensive wig from a beauty supply store. Plus it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as most inexpensive wigs. Plus it comes in so many other colors, highly recommend!

Click on any product used to purchase!

@makeupforever HD foundation stick 
@beccacosmetics “prosecco pop” highlighter
@makeuprevolution concealer “c8”
@maccosmetics “give me sun” as bronzer
@morphebrushes “12P” palette as blush
@morphebrushes “12P” hot pink shadow
@violetvoss “Rosalind” glitter
@morphebrushes x @jaclynhill “bling boss vault palette” 
@inglot_cosmetics liner
@colourpopcosmetics x @makeupshayla“perception” palette
@stilacosmetics magnificent metals “smoky storm”
@eyelureoffical #onefourthree lashes
@nyxcosmetics liquid matte liner white & black
AISI HAIR Ombre Pink Wigs


2018-10-07 17.03.432018-10-07 04.36.102018-10-07-04-45-42.jpg